5 Ways Studying Abroad In UK Can Change Your Life Forever


Studying abroad in UK is a one-of-a-kind experience that could change the whole course of your life. There are countless things you can do and learn while you’re in UK, especially if your destination is London.

Beginning with its diverse foreign student population, learning English, world-class education, employability prospects and an independence feeling, the benefits of studying abroad in the UK are a never-ending list.

Let’s explore the 5 ways we think studying abroad in UK could change your life forever:

Truly, for most of us, the decision to go abroad to study originates from an inner strong desire to improve the academic competence in our study field. In an environment surrounded by the best professors worldwide and some of the most gifted students in the world, you’ll get the inspiration and the knowledge to get to the top.

The British education system and its universities have an old and rich culture of higher education. Some of its universities have traditionally been ranked as top best universities in the world. Many renowned and influential personalities in the world hold a British degree. Thanks to the education they received in the UK they were able to reach their fullest potential.

The British higher education is driven by the commitment to research and science. In some particular fields, UK universities excel and are unprecedented leaders historically

UK researchers hold a quite significant portion of the world’s scientific jobs. Some of the best professors in the world whose work has received global recognition are usually found at UK universities. If you choose to study there you’ll have the chance to learn from the best and your academic career will be influenced in many ways.

Besides the theoretical foundation, British universities guarantee students to take the required practical preparation so they will be skilled enough for finding a job after taking their degree. Universities have established and maintain different settings dedicated for practical courses, like science laboratories.

If your degree abroad doesn’t improve your CV and boosts your employability then what is the point of pursuing one?

Studying abroad in the UK will offer you a large number of career paths to follow, regardless your post-study destination. Once you step out of the university and return in your homeland, employers will come to you with astonishing offers.

Some of the biggest companies in the world, the likes of Google, Facebook, Vodafe, BBC, IBM East., every year, recruit young enthusiasts who just finished university and are looking for a job. Naturally, they look for the best candidates and with a British degree on your hands you will be the one they will be looking at first. According to statistics, graduates in UK earn between £30,000 to £45,000.

In addition to getting a high-paid job, in these companies, you will set yourself in a working environment where you’ll improve in your profession. There are professionals who have a long experience from whom you can learn a lot. Furthermore, they’re stretched all across the globe and quite often you’ll have the chance to travel the world as part of their projects.

We humans are very habitual species? If we get used with something we tend to resist the change. To a certain degree this is not a good trait because at one point in our live we will all have to learn to rely on ourselves. Clearly, during your studies abroad, you have no other options than doing everything by yourself.

Having to deal with renting bills, food, clothes, hygiene, taking care of your student visa and other common concerns as an international student, while not losing the track of your studies will teach you discipline and independence. When returning home, after getting your degree, you’ll encounter the new you, with a total new different lifestyle and living habits.

Being far from your home in an unfamiliar environment, out of your comfort zone, might seem scary and uncomfortable. But these are the moments that best prepare us for the worst life challenges, right?

Back home, you may have felt anxious to go shopping alone, for example, but in the UK there’s nobody to do it for you. We guess you wouldn’t let yourself starve just because it doesn’t feel comfortable?.

You will have to take care of accommodation, paying bills, food, travelling and other living expenses. Luckily, accommodation can be an easy issue to tackle as long you know where to look at. Make sure you use our search tool to help you find a room to rent in no time.

The UK government allows international students to work part-time during term courses and full-time during summer breaks. Working abroad as a student is an experience that will follow throughout your whole life.

Studying abroad is not all about attending university lectures or spending time at a local library.

The UK has a unique lifestyle that will captivate you. There are many activities you shouldn’t miss while you’re living there. For example, if you’re in London you definitely must try the city’s nightlife. Since it hosts a large number of international students, night pubs in London for international students are very common.

Get yourself out of your comfort zone and try things you never thought of before. Doing these things may help you know yourself better and find hidden passion or talents you never knew you had.

Being away from home, especially if it’s your first time, can make you feel homesick from time to time. But, you can avoid this for sure.

The UK has many tourist attractions you can visit and all this can come at a cheaper price if you use proper traveling hacks. You can, for example, attend a music festival in UK. They are very common there. One of them is the Glastonbury. Or you can play rugby with the locals. It’s a very popular sport in the UK. It will probably remain a hobby for your entire life.

When studying abroad in UK you’re about to merge with a complex cultural mixture. The country hosts a large number of expats, including here over a million international students each of them contributing to the cultural diversity.

Similar to you there will be many international students studying in UK and with many, you’ll have the chance to socialize. In the process, you’ll get to know about their typical lifestyle, culture, traditions and popular foods.

You may hear stories about things that relate to a particular country which in your home country society would be considered as inappropriate or even paradoxical. Or you can clear up any misconceptions you may have had previously about a country which otherwise you had prejudictions of. So, getting to know such different people with such different cultures and lifestyle closely, will impact your thoughts norms and make you see things from an entirely different perspective.

To make studying abroad in UK a complete outstanding experience, you must look out for its nature gems. If you are an adventurous type of man type, dreaming to visit unseen places and do things you can do nowhere in this world, collect unforgettable memories that you’ll carry throughout your life then the UK has much to offer you.


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