About Us

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Smart BeeE LTD is an educational consultancy dedicated towards providing services to Home and Overseas students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them.

Smart BeeE LTD has a team of counsellors or staff, works with education agents worldwide to assist students in finding an institution that meets their academic and personal goals. Smart BeeE LTD counsellors provide free services to students from initial enquiry through enrollment, pre-departure and post-arrival.

We started our journey in 2017 and we have experience of dealing with various UK educational institutions and a large number of students who has been successfully placed in different institutions in London and various other counties in UK.

Smart BeeE LTD overseas educational consultant counsellors can guide students and their parents through entire process of arranging studies abroad from selecting a course, an institutions and ensuring that they arrive safely at their chosen destination.

Our business philosophy is different. We do not believe student’s problems fall into separate, neatly-labelled boxes. Smart BeeE LTD one stop concept is based on balance of expertise across a range of core professional areas. It combines them seamlessly and works in inter-disciplinary teams. When student brings problems, we listen first, and then put together a team that covers the relevant fields. In the way we organize ourselves, as well as how we deal with clients, we believe that Smart BeeE LTD’s has built quality into its structure.

We offer a uniformly excellent level of service anywhere in the UK. Our approach is unique as well. More importantly, from a student’s point of view, it works. Smart BeeE LTD consultants believe in complete student satisfaction.



We are committed to our customer centric philosophy. Our mission is to help our students/clients achieve their goals by providing them world class customer service that is reliable, competitively superior and best possible cost effective way.


We want to be one of the global leaders in the field of international student recruitment by recruiting the most promising students to the institutions.


We are driven by our core values 'ethics, expertise and leadership'. We believe that honesty paves the way for true success. In line with our values, we strongly discourage students to use any fraudulent means for pursuing their studies overseas.

Message from Chairman

Welcome to Smart BeeE LTD, one of the UK’s exceptional professional consultation providers. SBL specializes in consultation for Business Management, Marketing, Finance, Health and Social care, Media courses, PHDs, and professional courses such as CIMA and ACCA within the UK Education sector. We provide a wide range of education services to Local and International students in the UK. Our original passion was to establish Smart BeeE LTD service as a response to students who wish to go abroad for further studies, specifically from Asian countries. Over the past few years, we have provided relevant advice to international students to get admission in UKVI Highly Trusted Sponsor Universities and Colleges. SBL has always aimed to provide bespoke, one-to-one educational consultancy to overseas students coming to the UK, making sure our services closely matches their educational background and requirements, focussing also on their future career plans or objectives.

We have witnessed all the difficulties that international students face when they came to the UK, including cultural or language problems. Currently SBL, as a support, provide free english courses for International Students who want to improve their Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading skills via a UKVI Highly Trusted Sponsor College in East London. We provide excellent education consultancy services to local and international students to obtain admission to their chosen courses in UKVI Highly Trusted Sponsor Universities and Colleges in the UK.

SBL helps international students make decisions on the best individual educational and career route/plan and prepare students for the resulting challenges. We are confident that SBL’s dedicated professional advice and support will efficiently and effectively assist students to get an invaluable educational experience from UKVI Highly Trusted Sponsor Universities and Colleges. In addition we aim to provide answers and solutions to all questions about their UK University and College admission.

– A.S. Jay, Chairman


Message from Managing Director

I am thrilled to welcome you to Smart BeeE LTD and reaffirm my fullest support to the cause of education, particularly in connection with securing admission for students to any of our partner universities in UK. Counselling students for admissions in dignified qualifications is my passion for life. I am thankful to all my colleagues, academic partners & clients in United Kingdom and abroad who have been so far lending support to realize our mission. Smart BeeE LTD consultants have a history of responsible business conduct. We strongly believe that real business success is not just about profits measured in numbers but also, as importantly, about how those numbers are achieved. Our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable business practices and balancing responsibility alongside growth and productivity. Smart BeeE LTD began its journey in couple of years ago with a small team of professionals in London, UK.

Today, with the blessing of Almighty Allah, we are a private limited company and a brand name recognized both at national and international level. I would like to proudly announce that our visa success rate throughout our operations remains at 97% which clearly reflects the quality of our professionalism and our determination to accept & process the cases of genuine students, under the changing Tier 4 student visa rules. Studying abroad is a very important decision of your life. A wrong decision or misled decision may result in ruining your career and you may land you on the wrong course at the wrong university changing the course of your life. It’s therefore essential that students must choose their academic service provider keeping in view their track record & reputation. Let me assure all students that our goal remains to help students and see you shining in your future career.

I assure all students and academics of our best services at all times.

– S Rahman Russel, MD