Point Based System -Visa (Required Documents)

Students come under Tier 4 visa category which is a point based system. A student needs to score a minimum of 40 points to get success for visa. 30 points are awarded by getting the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the Universities/Colleges and 10 points for the maintenance of funds.

Original Passport valid for more than 12 months

Maintenance Fund

Necessary financial documents (original) to show the evidence of appropriate maintenance funds which is 2000 pound those have significant academic progression in UK otherwise 9000 pound as well as need to add your first academic year remaining fees with your maintenance fund.

Language Certification

IELTS or other UKBA approved English ( B1 for up to Level 5 courses and B2 from Level 6)

Necessary Visa Fees

Passport Size Photos (x 2)

Visa Application Form

Academic Progress

For student visa extension