Study in Denmark

Why study in Denmark ?

Study in Denmark

The country is a great place to study abroad, considering its liveability, educational prowess, and beautiful landscapes. Here’s taking a closer look at some of the top reasons for studying in Denmark for international students. From highly-ranked universities to plentiful scholarships, the reasons are ample. 

Reasons to Study 

Want a reason for choosing Denmark to study? There are multiple benefits to studying in Denmark, and these are outlined below: 

Numerous grants and scholarships

Along with studying at top universities in Denmark, students can also access multiple scholarships and grants. The University of Copenhagen, for instance, offers several government scholarships based on varying criteria. Many universities have grants and financial aid programs for deserving students. 

Wonderful Atmosphere

Denmark is a melting point of wonderful traditions, welcoming communities, and unique lifestyles. There are several attractions for students in Denmark from various events and festivals. 

Reasonable living costs

The cost of living in Denmark is reasonable, especially if you consider housing rentals. Living costs are manageable at 700-900 Euros monthly in smaller cities/towns. Bigger cities may require around 1200 Euros per month. 

Happiness Index

Denmark has already been voted the world’s happiest country. This stemmed from a love for biking and shared activities, emphasis on health and wellness, more freedom in making decisions, a generous culture, social support, and higher life expectancy rates. 

Great Food

Denmark is a place to savor flavors, including the junket crumble for breakfast or classic Danish pastries with custard. Middag is a tradition where families get together for dinner. Traditional items like gruel, sweet fruit soup, and meat broth are must-try items here. There are several global foods available in the country as well. 


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