Basic English


  1. Introductory session: Learning from very Scratch (Why, When, Where, How to learn  English),
  2. Basic phonetics and pronunciation mistakes and corrections.
  3. Tongue Twisters, the stress in words and sentences
  4. Everyday Phrases and Idioms in English
  5. Basic readings
  6. Phonetics final: special uses of “r”. “f” “h” “j” “k”, pleasurable presentations by trainees and trainers, Chunks, stresses
  7. Collocations: Examples and practice
  8. Sentences with contractions
  9. Conversations in public vs. private space: Common, global and Standard English
  10. Everyday Phrases and Idioms in English
  11. Learning vocabulary through various  stories and known contexts
  12. Open sessions/ Language club classes
  13. Talk-shows
  14. Debates and corporate communication, Presentation,
  15. Situational English
  16. Debates, Official / Corporate Communication