Course Fees

Course Fees

Make no mistake, studying in the USA is expensive, so any decision to study here should not be taken lightly.

Per year, undergraduate tuition fees can range from $5,000 to $50,000 – around £3,820 and £38,204 respectively, per year (don’t forget that Bachelors courses typically last four years in the USA). You’ll then need to take into account living costs. At top tier universities it’s estimated that fees and living costs combined cost undergraduate students around $60,000 (£45,845) per year, however it’s possible to study in America and pay lower fees.

Public universities cost less than private institutions and fees vary depending on what and where you study. Public universities charge two sets of fees: a lower rate applies to in-state students, while a higher rate is charged for all out-of-state students (this applies to international students too).

Private institutions don’t differentiate between out-of-state and domestic students and charge the same rate for all, although fees are higher than at public universities.

Fees for graduate programmes vary widely depending on your chosen subject and institution. For example, course fees and living costs at a top ranked institution could cost as much as $70,000 (£53,486) but financial help is available depending on your circumstances. To find out exactly how much your postgraduate course costs, contact your university.

While tuition fees are pricey the annual cost of living is generally much lower than in other countries such as the UK. If you’re looking to cut costs as much as possible it might be helpful to know that the Midwest region generally has lower living costs than places in the East and Northeast of the country.

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