Degree courses in Canada

Degree Courses in Canada

Available in a range of subject’s Bachelor or undergraduate degrees typically last three or four years depending on your course and institution.

A Canadian Bachelors degree is globally recognised and equivalent to undergraduate programmes in countries such as the USA and UK.

Each university in Canada has its own criteria for admissions so check that you have what you need with your preferred institutions before applying.

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Otherwise known as 'grad' programmes, Masters degrees typically involve one to three years' full-time study, although course length will vary considerably depending on discipline.

Alongside traditional lectures and assignments, you'll take part in interactive learning, which is likely to involve site visits, placements and group work. The majority of Masters programmes also include a heavily weighted dissertation.

For admission onto a programme you’ll usually need a degree in a relevant subject at undergraduate level.

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A Doctoral degree, or PhD, requires two to three years' full-time study to complete, although a longer period of focused research and writing to complete the Doctoral thesis is usually required of candidates.

A PhD completed in a Canadian institution is regarded as equivalent to one obtained in the UK.


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