Course Fees

Course Fees

Studying in Canada is generally cheaper than it would be in other English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK or Australia; however, fees vary between courses and institutions.

According to EduCandada undergraduate fees in Canada range from CAD$1,500 (£869) to CAD$20,000 (£11,590) while a Masters will set you back between CAD$2,500 (£1,448) and CAD$18,000 (£10,431). A PhD can cost between CAD$2,500 and CAD$17,000 (£9,851). EduCanada estimates that you’ll need CAD$12,000 (£6,954) a year for living expenses.

You also need to factor in additional study costs such as administration fees from CAD$150 to $500 (£86 to £289), health insurance roughly CAD$600 (£347) and international student application fees not required by all institutions, but around CAD$250 (£144) for those that do.


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