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Grammar & Writing

GRAMMAR AND WRITING/ Pre- IELTS, OUR COMPLETE COURSE MODULE Duration: 2 months Sentence patterns, Tenses Subject-Verb agreement, Parts of speech, Modals Sentence structures, Punctuation The sentence in detail Sentence changes (Conversion, Transformation), Voice, Narrative styles, and Degrees. Sentence-making with CONNECTIVE DEVICES / cohesive features Formal and informal writing ACADEMIC WRITING, FINDING CLUES FROM VARIOUS DIAGRAMS AND […]

Basic English

BASIC ENGLISH OUR COMPLETE COURSE MODULE Introductory session: Learning from very Scratch (Why, When, Where, How to learn  English), Basic phonetics and pronunciation mistakes and corrections. Tongue Twisters, the stress in words and sentences Everyday Phrases and Idioms in English Basic readings Phonetics final: special uses of “r”. “f” “h” “j” “k”, pleasurable presentations by trainees and […]


An overview of our PTE (Pearson test of English) A number of students are looking at PTE tests not just because it is very tech-centric but also due to their continuous global recognition. A huge number of universities are accepting TOEFL scores and it has been a big news for many all across the globe. […]


An overview of our TOEFL course TOEFL EXAM We have a number of students coming from a number of backgrounds who want to apply for admission to universities in the USA, UK, Australia, and some other first-world nations which want a great score in TOEFL or teach English to foreign learners. We have a very […]